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Aguinaga Museum arises from the constant need to promote the Mercedes-Benz brand through the creation of a unique experience which transports the visitor to the past by means of the history of the brand and perceives it evolution as an exciting milestone.

The museum has 30 cars, to which further models will be added over time. In addition, it will seek alliances with collectors who allow the temporary exhibition of other items of great interest. Alongside the vehicles which cover a time period from 1926 to the 1980s, you can also enioy the exhibition as an educational entity which covers, through other means, the 140 years of pre-merger and post-merger history of the brand.

The size of the space, with more than 2000m2, makes Aguinaga Museum a place to lose yourself in the history of Mercedes-Benz. From the oldest model dating from 1926 to the most modern ones, you can breathe in the values of one of the most important brands in world motoring,

As the well-known Mercedes-Benz slogan, backed by Gottlieb Daimler, puts it, ‘The best or nothing‘.